Water Affects Hair, Skin, Clothes & Food

Child in Bath

How Water Affects Hair and Skin

Without a proper water filtration system, you’re damaging your hair’s natural shine and texture every time you take a shower in regular tap water. Hidden chemicals ruin your hair and skin, but with the Krystal Klear Water Filtration System:

Hair is easier to manage

Hair coloring lasts longer

Dry skin and scalp become smoother

Brittle hair becomes stronger

Hair is naturally shiny

Hair loss and split ends significantly decrease


Water Effects on Clothes

Ever wonder why the color in your clothes never looks as good as new? Or why the fabric is never as soft? Are’s why:

When you place your clothes in your state-of-the-art washing machine, even with the best detergent and fabric softener, without a proper filtration system, your clothing is being infiltrated with the hidden chemicals and disinfectants that destroy fabric and fade colors. 

With the purest water possible, you’ll use less detergent and clothes will be cleaner, brighter and fade-free!

Cooking Food in Water

Water Effects on Food

Kitchen faucet water has two to five times more chlorine than swimming pool water, even if you can’t smell it! When you wash, cook and boil your food with invisible contaminants, you not only destroy the taste of your food, it is extremely unhealthy.

With a Krystal Klear Water System in your home, you’ll instantly notice how much better the food you cook (and the coffee or tea you brew) tastes. Gone are the effects of the hidden chemicals and disinfectants in your home’s water.