Super-Klear Well Water Solution

The Krystal Klear Super-Klear system is the latest in technology and scientific breakthroughs for solving tough iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide problems found in well water. There is no comparison!

Finally, revolutionary well water treatment technology is available for your entire homeThe Super-Klear system is equipped with a unique filter media called Mang-Ox. This is a high-rate, granular filter media used for removing hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese compounds from water supplies.

Mang-Ox operates both as a filter, working with an oxidant, and as a catalytic media, due to its ability to accelerate the reaction between the oxidizing agent and any prevalent dissolved oxygen with sulfide, iron and manganese present. Dissolved iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide will stay in solution unless the equilibrium is changed. Iron and manganese that is not oxidized become catalytically precipitated and then absorbed directly on the media.

Mang-Ox is a very dense media that stops oxidized (precipitated) forms of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from passing through the bed. Most of the manganous manganese is rapidly removed in the first few inches of the media, where it is further oxidized to manganese dioxide. The media must be properly backwashed to break loose and remove the filtered contaminants and precipitated iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.