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Problems with Water Softeners

While used for decades, water softeners using salt or potassium create more problems than they solve. Water softeners convert water from hard to soft, but do nothing to filter the water or protect your family. Softeners do not remove chlorine, heavy metals or pollutants, but they do remove the minerals your body needs, like calcium and magnesium. Furthermore, softeners pollute the environment with hundreds of gallons of brine discharge, which is why they’re being outlawed in several states. What’s more, softeners add salt or potassium to your water… and you can’t cook with salt water.

For decades, homeowners have tried different types of water filtration devices but each falls short in its own ways. None of these methods solved chlorine, contaminant, chemical or scale buildup problems. Even kitchen faucet filters fall short — they cannot remove all contaminants and you would need to install one on every faucet, including your shower and bathtub. Plus, these filters cannot be installed on your washing machine or water heater.

In short, water softeners do nothing to protect you and your family... and they add pollution to the environment.

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