Should I get a water softener?

A Water Softener Won’t Protect You… And It May Make The Situation Worse...

Here’s How….

Water softeners using salt or potassium were used for decades… but they create more problems than they solve. They don’t do anything to filter the water and protect your family.

Water Softeners DO NOT remove Chlorine,
contaminants, heavy metals or any pollutants.

The only thing they do is convert hard water to soft BUT…

They also remove the Calcium & Magnesium your body needs.

It’s bad for the environment because they pollute the environment with hundreds of gallons of brine discharge – which is why they are being outlawed in several states.

Even worse, it adds salt or potassium… And you can’t cook or drink SALT water!!!

For years, homeowners have tried different types of water filtration devices… but each had problems. There was nothing that solved the chlorine, contaminant and chemical problem – and the scale buildup problem caused by hard water.

Kitchen faucet filters can’t remove all the contaminants – and you would need to install one on every faucet including your shower and bathtub. And they don’t work on your washing machine or water heater.

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