No Maintenance? Really? How Can That Be?

The Krystal Klear Water Descaler System

The problem with most water filtration systems is the constant maintenance they require. But that’s not a problem for the Krystal Klear system. They’re designed to last longer than anything on the market today – because of the exclusive process we use:

One of the keys to a long productive life of a filtration system is ensuring the media gets “stirred” up enough during the backwash process.

Our exclusive new Cyclonic CleanRinse Technology™ uses a distributor plate which covers the entire base of the tank. The water pushs up thru the plate creating a “cyclone” type effect unlike anything else!

This new design is so powerful that it actually lifts the media up 60% higher creating better channels for the water to travel thru!

Uses less water during the Backwash: the Cyclonic CleanRinse Technology™ is so efficient – it actually uses 30% less water during the Backwash process!

You will get the same powerful filtering capability for 5 years guaranteed without any maintenance required!

“I would say you can’t go wrong. By the time you would go out and buy the gallons and gallons of water that you need to cook with, to make your coffee with, to drink, to get the system it would pay for itself in a very short amount of time.”

– Linda Pieri

“As a former cancer survivor, I like to be proactive about my health, I like to provide for myself and my family, clean pure water is very important.”

– Donna Cassano

“As it comes out of the faucet, it’s clear, don’t have to wait and see for things in there to settle and ask yourself “Should I drink it or not drink it?'”

– Michelle Zimmerman

“You don’t have to worry about getting your water out of a pitcher, or even thru your refrigerator.  Every faucet in the house is covered by the Whole House Water Filtration system. The water flows thru the system.”

– Richard Slisz

“I like to put fresh cold water in my coffee maker.  I think the coffee tastes better than ever!”

– Arlinda Marrano

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