Is Bottled Water Safe?

You might think you’re safe because you drink bottled water. But guess what?

Water bottles are polluting the environment!

This same report from the President’s Cancer Panel also recommended NOT to drink bottled water because dangerous chemicals including BPA can leach from the plastic into the water.

This same government report said that HALF of the samples of bottled water they tested had some form of bacteria growing in the water!


All the waste involved in producing Bottled Water will shock you.

Consider just

these facts…

Yet even with the avoidable waste of the modern
Bottled Water industry…

Your water may seem clear, but it’s not clean! You’ll be shocked at what was found in a test of tap water of more than 28 million people from 19 U.S. water utilities.

The study reported that pharmaceutical drugs, endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs), and unregulated organic contaminants were all discovered.

Of the 51 compounds the study looked for, the 11 most often found compounds were: atenolol, atrazine, carbamazepine, estrone, gemfibrozil, meprobamate, naproxen, phenytoin, sulfamethoxazole, TCEP, and trimethoprim.


Even though your water may appear clean,
you are showering and bathing in a
cocktail of several medicine cabinets.

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